Tammy Z. Miller is one of the two founding directors of YROC. She was co/drama director for the home school “Sonlight Fine Arts Program” for three years prior to YROC.

The Miller’s are transplants from the Lancaster, PA area since 1992. Tammy was a home-schooling mother of two daughters, her oldest daughter Brittany works in the family business. Her youngest daughter Alexis is married to Nick who is in the Air Force/Air Guard, they live in West Virginia, and also work in the family business. Both girls have been a part of YROC throughout their lives.  Tammy, along with her husband of almost 40 years, owns a local motor repair business and has worked with youth & teens for over thirty-five years.  Tammy, a theater veteran herself, has been involved in high school and church productions over many years, she has a passion for teaching youth to step out of their comfort zone and share their faith in a way that drama can inspire.