Tammy Z. Miller is one of the two founding directors of YROC. She was co/drama director for the home school “Sonlight Fine Arts Program” for three years prior to YROC.

The Miller’s are transplants from the Lancaster, PA area since 1992. Tammy was a home schooling mother of two daughters, her oldest daughter Brittany works in the family business . Her youngest daughter Alexis is married to Nick who is in the Army National Guard, they live in West Viginia, and also works in the family business. Both girls have been a part of YROC throughout their lives.  Tammy, along with her husband of over 35 years, co-own a local family motor repair business and have worked with youth & teens for over thirty-five years.  Tammy, a theater veteran herself, has been involved in high school and church productions over many years, she has a passion for teaching youth to step out of their comfort zone and share their faith in a way that drama can inspire. 

Sarah Assistant Director Bio Picture 2

Sarah Nicole Miller is the Assistant Director of YROC. She participated as a student from 2006-2009, then was an intern from 2011-2013. Sarah has been performing since a young age and has a passion for acting. God has called her to an uncommon mission field, the entertainment industry. Sarah desires to use the talents God has given her to glorify Him, while reaching those who are unaware of their need for Christ. Please be praying for her as she follows the Holy Spirit’s leading.

One of her biggest passions is working with young people. Serving with the YROC students allows Sarah to fulfill both of her passions. Working with them and seeing them grow brings her such joy.