Volunteer Opportunities

YROC Sound Tech Team :

  • Behringer X-Air 16 digital mixer
  • Behringer iNuke 1000 amp
  • 2 Rockville 8 inch passive speakers
  • 4 4-channel wireless microphone receivers with 16 transmitter packs
  • Daisy chain into host’s sound system when available
  • Mixing done through X-Air application on laptop
  • Music run through built in 2 channel recorder
  • All tech minus laptop stored in Gator rack case


  • Prior to each performance, arrange with host sound specialist whether you will use our speakers or daisy chain into their sound system.
  • Prior to each performance, arrange for YROC parents to help set up and tear down. Also arrange for 2 YROC parents to collect mics during the performance – they all come off before the final human drama skit in order to protect mics/packs.
  • Arrive 1 hour before each performance to set up system and be ready to mic and test YROCers as they arrive.
  • Operate sound system during performance – monitoring gain, volume, feedback, battery level, etc.
  • Make sure that current music has been loaded onto thumb drives for use in sound system.
  • Make sure that rechargeable batteries stay charged and ready for performances. Maintain regular battery supply as backup.


  • Arrive 1 hour before each performance to set up camera and be ready to record
  • Coordinate additional events where video recording is desired
  • Coordinate Promotional Videos as needed
  • Edit and upload to social media or for archive purposes